Creative Motivation

Writing is not an easy task and some writers need a nudge in the right direction to get them through to the finish line. Friends are a great way to get past this block but a professional will be able to provide timely insight without impinging upon the author’s creative process, ideas and ambition. This service is NOT the same as ghost writing.

Manuscript Assessment

Sometimes authors are too close to their work to objectively determine the value of their manuscripts. A manuscript assessment will provide the author an unbiased appraisal from a knowledgeable publishing professional regarding plot, manuscript length, marketability, genre-fitting (bending) and creative potential. I’m also happy to discuss self-publishing options if that’s the right way forward for a manuscript.


Copy-editing is a service which improves the overall quality of the text by highlighting weak writing, ensuring continuity, correcting simple grammatical and typing errors, and maintaining consistency in writing style. This is an important service for writers who are going to start querying literary agents and publishers. This service can also include fact-checking.


Proofreaders provide a detailed read of the manuscript to correct basic spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, especially the ones which are hidden from spell-check and are victims of auto-correct. This is a crucial editing step which all manuscripts must go through before being sent for querying.

Legal Issues

This service highlights potentially libellous aspects of your work. It provides educated advice but takes no responsibility for the outcome. If you are concerned about the plot or characters resembling real life events/people, it’s worth discussing the details with a literary consultant.


Querying a publisher or literary agent is a daunting task. Authors need to write the perfect cover letter and synopsis, and make sure their choice of chapters are crisp and telling. They also need to follow the submission rules to warrant their manuscripts a second glance. Let a literary consultant ease you into the publishing process and help you select the agents who are worth querying.

If you see yourself requiring any of the above services please contact me at ze.talkhani@gmail.com. If you are not sure you need a literary consultant, please check the FAQs page.