What do literary consultants do?
Literary consultants provide specialist advice and support for writers. In the last 15 years of the publishing industry’s evolution, literary consultants have played an essential role in the querying process. They have changed the landscape for new writers and have helped them make a better first impression. A good consultant will read your manuscript cover-to-cover and provide a detailed written report on what’s worth keeping, what isn’t and how to fix the latter.

Can’t my mother/brother/friend give feedback?
Sure. If you think you are okay with forever destroying your relationship with them once you are done! You need to remember that it’s not easy to give and take constructive feedback. A consultant’s job is to be tough, they have to tell it like it is. A good editorial report will cover a lot of stuff which needs to be improved. It isn’t personal and it takes away the stress of working with someone close to you. Additionally, you need your consultant to be a literary professional. A literary consultant is someone who truly understands the business, knows the market and is possibly a writer herself.

Why should I choose you to be my consultant?
Because I know what I’m talking about. I’m a writer myself and have been part of the UK publishing industry for four years. I’ve experience as a literary scout/reader, bookseller and editorial assistant (fiction). I am in touch with people who commission manuscripts for top publishers. I LOVE reading and discovering new writers and helping them reach their full potential. I work with authors till they are completely satisfied with their work and I provide follow-up services to see them through the complete publishing cycle. I’m here because I care.

When’s the best time to hire a literary consultant?
Literary consultants can come in whenever you want them to. I can help you with anything from putting down that first chapter on paper to polishing your finished manuscript. Literary consultants typically help a writer with writing and plot development. In addition, I cover issues such as lack of confidence or lack of resources to meet my client’s writing goals and deadlines. I also help writers decide which publishing route is best for their work and assist them once they have made a choice. You can reach out to me the moment you feel like you need feedback or a nudge in the right direction.

I’ve a finished manuscript, can you help me get it published?
Congratulations on completing your manuscript! Yes, I would love to. I can teach you how to write a professional pitch for your work and help you find appropriate agents and publishers for your work. You might decide that self-publishing is the right choice for you, in which case I can edit your manuscript, organise a successful launch for your self-published manuscript and help you build a strong social media platform.

Will you recommend my work to literary agents?
I could do, but only if your work is strong enough. Agents won’t take work just because a consultant recommends it. They’ll take work if they love it and think they can sell it. What the consultant needs to do is make sure your manuscript meets the standards. Once that’s done, I could then help you find the right agents for an additional fee. But for now, your focus should be on perfecting the manuscript.

What kind of costs am I looking at?
It varies within the range of a few hundred pounds. Of course, I’m open to negotiation so don’t shy away from querying. For further details, check fees.

So once I have a literary consultant, I can just sit back and relax, right?
Wrong! Editorial feedback is only as strong as the client lets it be. For this partnership to work, it’s really important to have keen authors who are committed to their manuscripts. It’s also important that you are at a stage where you are open to making changes to the manuscript.

Can I get a sample report first?
Definitely! If you are interested in working with me, I’ll be happy to write up a report for your first chapter. It’s a no obligation service. It’s very important to me that you are happy with my work and truly believe that I can help you reach your goals.

When might I need a Literary Consultant?
You might need a literary consultant when:
– You have completed your first draft and would like in-depth feedback.
– You want to know if your manuscript is ready for publishing.
– You don’t know how to get in touch with literary agents.
– You are aware of specific plot issues but are not sure how to resolve them.
– You are worried about getting into legal trouble and you want to make sure you are in the clear.
– You aren’t sure if your synopsis is accurate and engaging.
– You want to know how to write the best submission letter.
– You want to self-publish your manuscript and would like it to be copy-edited.
– You have already self-published your work but want to know how to improve it.
– You are scared to share your work with others and need a pep-talk.
– You want to build an author’s network online but are not sure what to post (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Website).
– You have an idea for a novel but are not sure how to go about writing it.
– You have been rejected and are not sure why.
– You feel you could do with some pointers on strengthening your writing style.
– You are suffering from writer’s block.
– You need someone to talk to about your creative ideas.

Every project I work on has different requirements so I let the authors tell me what you want from me. My services are tailored for my clients and I’m happy to exchange emails, make calls, Skype and even arrange a period of mentoring for those who could benefit from it.